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One Chef 

Two Concepts

We started Local Catering as our Day Time Lunch Program to Cook for Tech Companies.  Our True Love is Making Amazing Tamales Which is our Tamalitos Brand!



Owner and Chef Isai Cuevas  has worked all over San Francisco restaurants for the past 15 years. After starting out as dishwasher, Isai quickly moved up to prep cook and line cook at busy Italian spot downtown, Kuletos, then as sous chef under Chef Jan Birnbaum at Epic Steak House, and eventually to Executive chef at a local favorite Liverpool Lils.  

Isai is a native of Zimatlan, Oaxaca Mexico.  His style of cooking is a very versatile, california style - using only the best ingredients for lighter dishes, but with a depth of flavor.

Tamales and Lunch Catering

Co-owner Alison Cook has been in the restaurant scene for 18 years in the front of the house, serving, food running, and bartending. Most of the restaurants were fine dining style which trained her to give the best service possible, paying extreme attention to detail. With that said her style is casual and friendly!


We as a couple care about being down to earth and focus on supporting our crew.

We know they aren't easily replaced! 


Supporting other small businesses in SF is also a priority of ours - we buy our produce from local businesses like Ninos Fine Foods and Arcadios Produce.

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